Retirement age is something that almost every Individual reaches after some years. Every employee f a company will ultimately reach a certain age in which he or she will not be able to work for the company because of over-aging. Nothing is permanent in this world nor will be the work-life for the employees. The workers need to plan throughout their lives that what they will do when they reach the retirement age. In New Zealand, the retirement age is sixty-five years. The working citizen of New Zealand should start the planning of their retirement from their late fifties.

THE FOUNDATION PARNELL is a platform for all the retired people which provides them all the things that are required for a luxurious retirement era to enjoy their lives to the fullest. We give our hundred percent to provide our retired customers to enjoy their lives to extreme.



Firstly, we have the most cooperative staff that is trained to deal with the old aged people professionally. We have chosen the staff considering the fact that they know how to deals with habits of the aged people keeping in mind the fact that these retired individuals become a bit cranky and non-tolerable to people sometimes. Our staff knows how to deal with the problems our customers are facing and help them out in the best possible manner.


Secondly, we provide the most luxurious entertainment activities at THE FOUNDATION PARNELL. We have every sort of entertainment for our residents such as cinema, café, lounge bar, boutique cinema, private chef for private catering, private dining room, reading room, games and Billiard room, art and hobby studio, roof terrace gardening, barbeque, hot tub and swimming pool, Gymnasium, hair salon and spa, and many other entertainment services. We provide the most luxurious lifestyle for our customers. Our retirement village in Auckland are designed beautifully keeping up to the modern services under consideration.


Thirdly, our beautiful retirement villages are exquisitely beautiful to one’s sight as they are made using modern interior designs. The rest homes we provide are designed by the best and professional interior designers to provide our residents with the best. The beautiful surroundings leave a perfect impact on the residents of the retirement apartments and their minds are at peace by looking at such a beautiful view of their surroundings.


Fourthly, we offer all the necessities that are needed for retirement care. We give the best medical facilities for our customers. Such as; pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, dental care, optometrist, and wellbeing programs of the clients. We provide all the hospital services for the old-aged people living in our village.


Lastly, the location of our village has its strategic importance. It has the Auckland’s most old winter garden nearby, the Parnell Library is also close to our location, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is a few steps away, the Auckland Hospital is also very close, Parnell’s farm market is few steps walk from us, and the prime shopping areas are also nearby to us.