Reasons To Visit Vietnam

An au pair is someone who travels abroad to offer live-in help to families including childcare. Most au pairs travel to learn about different cultures or a different language while they work. Au pair literally means living equally so it is a great way to mutually help each other out while earning a small stipend. Work hours are usually set by agreement between the family and the au pair and because this is somewhat an informal agreement, there might not always be a contract.

Vietnam is a country which is full of surprises. It has been coming up a few times on the “must visit places” lists on the internet since of late. Although a typical traveler who would like to visit south Asia would probably choose countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Hong Kong might discard Vietnam off their list; it is time to rethink your travel plans because Vietnam should definitely be on the list.

From mountains to charming little islands, Vietnam offers a peace and quiet for the eye, which is used to the day to day chaos. It is full of greens, and ever flowing river. Vietnam is filled with world heritage sites which are interesting locations to visit for the history buff in you. Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An Ancient Street and Cham Islands are some of the most popular areas to visit during your stay in Vietnam.

Vietnam may be a third world country, but their hospitality is simple unmistakable. You could get the assistance of a Fiji all inclusive honeymoon packages to travel to this beautiful country, or you could even back-pack your way through; either way, the people you find; (i.e the locals) will always have your best interest. You will be welcomed and greeted with warm smiles and excited hellos and lots of kind gestures by the Vietnamese. The personalities of people from different areas of Vietnam are said to be different; for example people from Hoi An are said to be truthful, while people from Hue are known to be elegant and sweet.

The authentic cuisine Vietnam offers is like no other. Make sure to try the interesting street food which is commonly available when walking along the roads, for they are known to be the “trademark” of Vietnam. From spring rolls to sticky rice to bahn mi, Vietnamese food will always be fresh and an affair with raw flavor. Make sure to try all the authentic dishes that Vietnam offers!

While Thailand and Malaysian islands are mostly renowned and celebrated for their beaches, Vietnamese beaches are most definitely underrated. But the calming and quiet waves will sooth your body and soul. Stick to a vacation package if you’re very keen on checking out all the popular beaches in Vietnam. Although it is slightly underrated and undiscovered by the rest of the world, you are sure to enjoy this experience.